LVD launches ToolCell XT, the latest generation of its ToolCell automatic tool changing press brake with extended capacity to hold 50 percent more tooling than the original design. ToolCell XT is the solution to efficiently bend small batch – high mix parts with high accuracy and with minimal changeover time. The large capacity of tools housed within the press brake provides the flexibility to handle a wider range of bending jobs, including complex layouts.

LVD ToolCell XT automatic tool changing press brake

ToolCell XT features an extended integrated storage of tooling. The press brake holds an impressive total length of tools: A maximum of 17,280 mm (+/- 17.2 m) punches and a maximum of 40,320 mm (+/- 40.32 m) dies. Extra toolboxes are integrated on both sides of the machine.

ToolCell XT performs tool changes quickly and precisely following an optimized tool change path. Automated tooling setup improves the efficiency of bending operations and eliminates time-consuming manual tooling adjustments. With its extended tooling capacity, ToolCell XT offers the versatility to handle varying material types, organize tooling by material type, easily switch between stainless steel and mild steel applications.

In small batch production, it’s critical to avoid costly test bends. Like all ToolCell press brakes, ToolCell XT is equipped with the LVD Easy-Form® Laser (EFL) in-process adaptive bending technology. EFL guarantees the desired angle from the first bending operation.

The system consists of two laser cameras linked with an intelligent bending database in the Touch-B control. As the bending sequence of the press brake is initiated, the measuring device transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC control, which processes it and subsequently adjusts the depth to obtain the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted and no production time is lost.

ToolCell XT features the latest Touch-B control. Intuitive graphical icons are used to quickly and easily manage all parameters of the machine.

The control is linked to a central CADMAN® database where all production-relevant data is stored. After importing a 3D CAD part, CADMAN-B (bending) software automatically calculates bend allowances and determines the optimal bend sequence, gauge positions and tool setups. This expertise is based upon CADMAN’s expert algorithms for unfolding and collision computation during the complete bending process.

ToolCell XT is offered in a 135 ton/4-meter configuration with other sizes to follow.

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