What is SmartLink?

SmartLink technology provides a seamless integration between key machine elements including the machine drive system, safety control, optical protection, optical imaging and the CNC system. This enables an intelligent flow of information that significantly enhances the operation, functionality, performance and efficiency of the press brake.

Press brakes with SmartLink technology offer users a wide array of functions that can include;

Safety and control

SmartLink manages synchronised control of the machine drive system, safety control, operator controls and the CNC system for more efficient and streamlined operation. Overall machine system status can be displayed on the CNC in real-time for an improved user experience.

Functionality and productivity

SmartLink enables optical protection modes to be selected and customised in the CNC bend program. A different mode or combination of modes can be selected for each bend, allowing for streamlined bend programs that match the profile of the work piece. SmartLink automatically switches modes on each step of the bend program with intelligent blanking of individual sensors to eliminate unnecessary stops and pedal presses for reduced cycle time and the fastest possible part production.

Automated adjustment

SmartLink enables fully automated adjustment of the integrated protection system in conjunction with BendShield technology. The protection system can be automatically raised and lowered according to the tools selected in the bend program without the need for any operator intervention. Advanced optical verification of the installed tools confirms that the machine is correctly configured, ensuring safe and error free operation.

Advanced functions

When paired with BendVision technology, SmartLink manages the flow of image data to the CNC to enable advanced bending functions such as angle measurement, real-time angle control, active tool recognition and much more.


Press brakes with SmartLink technology produce parts with greater flexibility, speed and efficiency.