Cincinnati Load Calc App

The CINCINNATI Load Calc app is a must tool for any metal fabricator to calculate the air bend tonnage to form a part on a press brake. The intuitive interface will guide the user through the process by allowing selection of material type, material thickness, and vee die opening. From these parameters, a tonnage will be calculated along with the minimum flange length and inside bend radius. There is also a portal to access details of all of CINCINNATI products and services.

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Euromac App

Euromac App is the first guide that contains in one application the calculations useful for sheet metal bending and punching operations.

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LVD Bend Advisor

LVD is now offering its upgraded Bend Advisor app for smartphones and tablet devices. Now you can use inch units for calculations and quickly access pertinent LVD documents on the app. Along with the updates, the app provides quick access to helpful bending calculations to assist in press brake setup and part production.

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Salvagnini Formula

Salvagnini Formula is a software utility used to calculate the basic bending parameters and check the B3 press-brake set-up.

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TRUMPF BendGuide

The new TRUMPF BendGuide app enables you to perform bending calculations more easily and clearly than ever before. Take advantage of TRUMPF's expertise as a leading innovator when it comes to bending sheet metal.

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