BEND-MASTER features a six-axis drive system that includes a dual axis racking system, single axis rotary bridge and a three-axis loading and unloading shuttle. The tool storage room includes the option of 32 meters or 52 meters of tooling capacity that can accommodate a range of selected PROMECAM and WILA punches and dies.

The storage room can be installed on either the left or right side of the press brake and comprises a series of racks and drawers that hold up to 4.5 meters of tooling per rack. Optionally, two press brakes can be served by the same BEND-MASTER.


A tool transfer shuttle.

During automatic tool change, the rack that contains the tooling defined in the bend program is moved to the front of the storage room. The shuttle shifts across to the storage room and slides out the required punch or die and moves the tool to the correct location in the upper or lower tool holders.

During this process, the storage room moves the tool rack up and down or brings forward another tool rack, so that the next punch or die is ready for loading. This saves time since the shuttle is never sitting idle while waiting for the next tool to be ready for collection.

When a punch needs to be installed in an inverted position (for example an inverted goose neck tool), the system employs a rotary bridge that sits in between the tool racks and the machine bed.

The shuttle slides the punch from the tooling rack across to the rotary bridge and the rotary bridge turns the punch 180 degrees so that it faces the opposite direction. The shuttle then continues to slide the punch into position on the press brake.

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