Prima Power eP Genius 1030 consists in the integration of the servo-electric eP-1030 with one automatic tool change storage.

This concept offers a more versatile, faster and reliable bending solution, which eliminates the manual set-up of the machine, and allows the operator to commit his time and skills to the preparation of bending batches.

eP Genius is the ideal solution for minimum batches where it is possible to estimate the machine set-up, and short cycle times help you gaining higher market competitiveness.

The tools storage, the main innovation of this product, can accommodate a total of 32 meters of tools to be placed on 8 tool-holder supports that move on 3 axes. It can handle Wila-style tools with a minimum length of 20 mm up to 515 mm.

Furthermore, a rotating turret rotates the tools taken from the storage to grant multiple processing possibilities.

The latest-generation HMI allows the programming of the workpiece in a simple and intuitive way, both on the machine and off-line, as well as automatic management of the machine set-up.

eP Genius

The eP-1030 included in the solution is the most versatile machine in the eP servo-electric range.

A perfect combination of tonnage (105 tons) and work capacity (3,060 mm of bending length), automatic CNC crowning, 5-axis back gauge and IRIS Plus angle control system on CNC-controlled motorized arms.

Tools Storage Technical Data
Maximum capacity of tool storage: 32m
Minimum tool length: 20mm
Maximum tool length: 515mm
Transfer shuttle speed: 2,600 mm/sec
180 degree tool rotation speed: 0.4 sec

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