Hydraulic Press Brakes

Standard hydraulic designs have been the primary type of drive system for press brakes for decades. While there have been more advanced hybrid and electric systems developed over the years, hydraulic press brakes still account for most machines manufactured today due to their reliability, versatility and flexibility. From small, light tonnage models right through to large machines with very high pressing force.

BenefitsTypical Applications
  • All-round versatility. Machines are available in a wide range of lengths and tonnages.
  • Hydraulic systems can achieve a much higher pressing force compared with hybrid and electric machines.
  • A greater range of material thicknesses can be processed, from light gauge material to heavy plate metal.
  • Manufacturers offer greater flexibility and customisation including larger tool openings and throat depths.
  • Long-term durability, reliability and ease of servicing.
  • Incredibly versatile and suitable for almost any bending application.
  • Suitable for low tonnage applications right through to high tonnage applications in excess of 4,000 tons.
  • Suitable for a wider range of bending lengths up to around 14 metres.

Explore the range of hydraulic models


    The PA semi-hybrid press brake is equipped with a Hexa-C frame, which ensures bending accuracy. It is an energy saver, w...


    The PH is a heavy duty press brake available up to 8 metres and 2000 tons. ADIRA has a long experience with heavy duty m...

  • ALIKO F-Series

    The smallest member of the press brake family.

  • ALIKO Heavy Duty

    Press brakes for heavier bending.

  • ALIKO Giant

    Giant press brakes for very high compressive force.


    Warcom FUTURA series has a range of models from 40 to 1500 tons and is completely customisable.


    Warcom DINAMICA synchronized hydraulic press brake is characterized by an elegant design and attention to every detail a...


    Evoluta represents revolution in the bending process and a reference point for all customers looking towards the future.

  • TruBend Series 3000

    The right machine for anyone who values TRUMPF quality, simple operation and an attractive price.

  • LVD

    PPEB Series

    High flexibility, optimal bending results

  • LVD

    PPED Series

    Precision, reliability in an economical machine

  • LVD

    ToolCell Series

    Innovative bending automation

  • LVD

    Easy-Form Series

    The ultimate bending machine

  • .SMART

    SAME DNA AS THE .SUPERIOR, SAME QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY. For versatile, functional and flexible production needs


    The Proform+ includes numerous premium-engineering features that ensure reliable, long-lived operation.


    MAXFORM Series Press Brake. Higher speeds mean more production.


    CINCINNATI AUTOFORM+ CNC Press Brake combines precision forming capabilities with leading edge control technology.

  • OptiFlex Series

    OptiFlex is the benchmark for a complete new generation of CNC press brakes, symbolizing a departure from traditional de...

  • Optima Series

    The giant press brake that empowers productivity for the most demanding metal bending operations.

  • SYNCRO series

    SYNCRO-series machines are a line of high-productivity hydraulic press brakes. Versatile and easy to use in both 2D and ...

  • EuroMaster-S ES

    Your All-round bending machine.

  • EuroMaster-S NS

    Your All-round bending machine.


    Ultra fast and productive hydraulic press brake up to 1.5 meters.

  • G-BEND Plus

    Superior press brakes with top-class equipment and components offering the ultimate flexibility in bending process.


    Superior quality and reliability in an economical machine.

  • DCA

    Powerful, High tonnage, Hydraulic. From 40 to 3000 tons.

Hybrid Press Brakes

Hybrid press brakes combine both hydraulic and electric elements, achieving a more energy efficient drive system with improved performance.

Hybrid press brakes use a bi-directional servo electric drive system to pump oil to the hydraulic cylinders. Compared with a traditional hydraulic system where the pump is running continuously, even when the machine is idle, a hybrid system is only working when motion is required. This means that hybrid systems consume very little energy when idle and are more energy efficient when working.

Hybrid systems use a smaller hydraulic oil tank, leading to a more efficient design and lower maintenance costs when an oil change is required.

When it comes to noise output, hybrid systems are quieter than hydraulic machines due to the lower sound levels of the servo electric drives compared with traditional hydraulic pump motors and that they are only running while the machine is being operated.

BenefitsTypical applications
  • Lower energy consumption since the pump is only running when the machine is moving and when bending force is required.
  • Improved control and bending accuracy.
  • Faster acceleration and deceleration which results in shorter cycle times.
  • Lower noise levels.
  • Use less oil than hydraulic machines.
  • Economical to maintain.
  • Suitable for a wide range of bending applications that require pressing force up to around 500 tons.
  • Suit a range of bending lengths up to around 7 metres.
  • Ideal for high-volume production where speed, accuracy and efficiency are required.

Explore the range of hybrid models



  • B3

    The ideal press brake for dynamic production, the B3 was designed by combining the features and benefits of electric and...

  • TruBend Series 5000

    Consistently high productivity from programming and set-up to bending. The TruBend Series 5000 allows the widest variety...


    The PF is excellent for intricate fast bends. The Hexa-C frame ensures the precision on the upper beam guiding, while bi...

  • PressMaster

    Your High Spec, High Performance bending machine:

  • HYBRID: SPC-H Series

    Complete range of press brakes from 2,5 meters and 90 tons up to 4 meters and 445 tons.

  • HSYNCRO series

    The Axial line of HSYNCRO machines are hybrid press brakes. They feature reduced energy usage, oil capacity and lower no...

  • EuroMaster Hybrid

    ACCURL created the top level EuroMaster with high-end specifications and execution with advanced motion technologies and...


    Intelligence. Performance. Superior Quality.

  • h.DCA

    Hybrid technology: combining efficiency, precision and sustainability to transform your production process. Innovation a...

Electric Press Brakes

Electric press brakes eliminate the need for hydraulic pumps, valves and complex piping, for an extremely quiet, fast and efficient bending solution. Electric machines can feature a variety of drive methods including belt or gear direct drive systems and belt / pulley systems for even distribution of pressing force on longer machines.

Smaller models are ergonomically designed with integrated foot pedals and folding support tables that allow workers to comfortably operate the machine from a seated position as well as offering a range of additional features that help to reduce operator fatigue.

BenefitsTypical applications
  • Extremely quiet.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and reduced operator fatigue.
  • Smaller models can be portable, offering greater flexibility for machine placement in the workshop.
  • Consistent operation and accuracy over time since there is no degradation of hydraulic components.
  • Require minimal maintenance compared with hydraulic and hybrid machines since there are no hydraulic components to service or oil changes required.
  • Electric machines are ideal for repetitive bending of small parts where fast cycle speed and accuracy is required.
  • Suitable for low tonnage bending applications of up to around 200 tons.
  • Suitable for bending lengths up to around 4 metres.

Explore the range of electric models

  • eP-Series

    The eP-Series press brake by Prima Power is based on extensive experience in press brakes and servo electric machine too...

  • TruBend Series 7000

    Ergonomic high-speed machine.


    The Goform is the perfect solution for small parts, up to ¼” thick and less than 50 pounds.

  • FX Bend 1023

    Innovation, reliability and productivity.

  • FX Bend 1547

    Innovation, reliability and productivity combined with a stronger power and enlarged bending length.

  • FX Bend 2560

    Sixty tons of power and greater bending length. Euromac technology shows it has muscles.


    LOGICA is a state-of-the-art electric press brake, the fastest on the market, available up to 160 tons of thrust.

  • ADIRA BB (Bluebender)

    With a Hexa-C frame that ensures accurate guiding of the upper beam, this fully electric machine with Blue-drive system ...

  • eB Ultra Series

    ACCURL® New eB Ultra is a fully electric machine is integrated with the highest technology coupled with a friendly use, ...


    High Level and Top Quality Servo-Electric Press Brakes Series.

  • e.DCA

    Technological, full green, accurate.