The Salvagnini B3.AU-TO is the definitive solution for all companies having to exceed these limits to cope with a dynamic market, which demands increasingly smaller batches, kit productions or batch-ones with very short lead times.

The AU-TO automatic tool change and the ATA automatic tool adjuster, which adjusts the length of the stations, significantly reduce the press brake re-tooling phase, increasing autonomy and productivity, while also reducing the lead time.

The Salvagnini-patented upper and lower automatic tool change unit is the real distinctive feature of the B3.AU-TO. AU-TO tools the press brake, guaranteeing complete autonomy and efficiency in applying the best strategies on the basis of the production flow. AU-TO reduces set-up times and increases the availability of the B3: the operations are rapid and in cycle, even in masked time, helping to further increase the efficiency of the press brake.


The tool store is covered and located in the rear part of the B3. It can contain up to 24 meters of tools up to 1000 mm in length without segmentation, and this makes the press brake the solution with the smallest footprint on the market.

AU-TO includes the ATA functions, the automatic tool adjuster used to change and automatically adjust the upper and lower bending tool length, saving time and increasing production efficiency.

ATA: Automatic Tool Adjuster

AU-TO and ATA are exclusive, patented devices, while in terms of tools, full flexibility is assured, because the press brake allows mixed re-tooling: after the automatic tool change and set-up, the B3.AU-TO integrates the standard WILA tools or special tools on the bend line, including hemming tools. These tools are installed and then removed manually by the operator before the subsequent automatic tool change.

The high-efficiency press brake

B3.AU-TO is the ideal press brake for companies with a high daily item turnover rate that demands an extremely high number of re-toolings. The AU-TO and ATA devices reduce the cycle time, making it easier to predict, plan and monitor. The possibility to use WILA tools for mixed re-tooling, the integrated adaptive technologies, Direct Drive, KERS and the new possibilities offered by the software further extend the performance of this cutting-edge press brake. The direct consequence of integrating a B3.AU-TO into your production cycle is greater process efficiency and greater reactivity, which turns into greater daily productivity and therefore higher profitability.

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