About HACO

As world leader in sheet metal working machines, HACO offers a complete range of reliable, high-precision machines and the software that goes with it. As an absolute specialist, we can provide a customized solution for every specific situation.

HACO Kingsland & Mubea Systems offer you a complete range of machinery for all kind of metal constructions. We combine our knowledge of the profile industry with HACO’s metal & wood industry experience.

Mubea Systems S.A., part of the international HACO Group, is known worldwide for its CNC machining centers. We offer profile machining centers, solid aluminum machining centers and heavy duty machining centers.

FAT, a member of the HACO Group, is Europe’s leading manufacturer of conventional and CNC lathe machinery. With over 60 years of experience in lathe building, we deliver top performance lathes at competitive prices.

BRET-BLISS specializes in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic and mechanical presses. We bring you a 100 years of experience.

HACO offers a diversified and comprehensive range of industrial woodworking machinery, designed to make your job easier and safer. We are able to offer you multi-purpose machines that provide great results and are still easy to use.

The HACO Press Brake Range


    Your High Spec, High Performance bending machine:

    EuroMaster-S NS

    Your All-round bending machine.

    EuroMaster-S ES

    Your All-round bending machine.

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If you have any questions, please contact us by email info@haco.com or via the contact form on our website www.haco.com