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Flexible automation and process efficiency are the cornerstones upon which Salvagnini has developed its range of products: intelligent, autonomous and independent solutions that are easy to program and use, are automated and interconnected, talk and communicate intrinsically and bidirectionally with each other and with the surrounding environment, creating a more linear and advantageous process for the efficient and effective production of a wide variety of pieces in sequence, without interruption, thanks to set-up in masked time and automation devices that reduce the WIP and eliminate the intervention of man in low value added operations.

Salvagnini range of machines currently comprise: P1, P2 and P4 automatic panel benders, in a range of 14 models; S4Xe punching and shearing centre; FMS S4+P4 automatic panel production line; FlexCell flexible sheet metal processing cell; L3 and L5 fiber laser cutting machines; SL4 integrated punching and fiber laser cutting system; B3 KinEtic press brake; ROBOformER robotic bending cell; various feeding and unloading automation solutions; factory logistics solutions in the shape of single-sheet stores or vertical pack stores in either compact or extended versions.

The Salvagnini Press Brake Range


    Thanks to proprietary Kinetic technology, the B3 press brake delivers high degrees of productivity, accuracy and safety ...


Salvagnini P-Robot debut at FABTECH

14 September 2023

Aspir Mecc invests in Salvagnini hybrid press brake technology

29 April 2023
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