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Electric Press Brakes

Innovation, reliability and productivity. If you had to define FX bend through three words would be certainly these. The Euromac range of electric press-brakes will promptly reply to your production requirements distinguishing itself for high precision and for elevated performances.

The Euromac Press Brake Range

    FX Bend 1023

    Innovation, reliability and productivity.

    FX Bend 1547

    Innovation, reliability and productivity combined with a stronger power and enlarged bending length.

    FX Bend 2560

    Sixty tons of power and greater bending length. Euromac technology shows it has muscles.

    FX Bend Cell 2560 Max

    The FX Bend Cell 2560 Max is an automated electric press brake with high production capacities.


The new fully automated line makes its debut. From punching to bending, all with no need for operator intervention.

16 March 2021

Electric Press Brake FX Bend Cell 2560 Max

3 April 2019
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