Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) built its reputation on the quality of its metal fabrication equipment and the company enhances that reputation with demonstrations of its ever-increasing line of metal fabrication equipment at FABTECH 2017 (November 6-9, Chicago). The new CL980, 8000-watt fiber laser with air assist and CPX300 high-definition plasma table will be on display in the cutting area of booth A-4014 at the show. A larger 60-ton GOFORM electric press brake and a 175-ton MAXFORM, equipped with new Sheet Followers and the revolutionary R.I.B.S. (robotically integrated bending solution) system, join the new cutting systems in the CI booth. The R.I.B.S. system, presented in conjunction with partner Acieta, automatically feeds parts for bending and changes tooling with a robotic arm.

“Our FABTECH exhibit reflects how new technology transforms traditional metal fabrication equipment,” said Troy Wilson, CNC Table Products, Product Manager at CI. “The 8000-watt CL980 fiber laser has been fitted with a dedicated air-assist system designed in-house, as well as a new light source from nLIGHT, while the CPX300 hi-definition plasma table is a new product with a 300-amp Hypertherm power source and a 5ft. X 10ft. table.”

Press brake bending – one of metal forming’s oldest processing methods – also gets a productivity boost with CI and Acieta’s R.I.B.S. system and the high-end Maxform press brake. According to Todd Kirchoff, Vertical Motion Products, Product Manager CI, “The MAXFORM illustrates the vast configurability of CI press brakes, while the GOFORM’s integration with robotics shows how automated part handling and tool changing increases productivity.”

In addition to the metal fabrication exhibit in booth A-4014 at FABTECH, CI will show its additive solutions, BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) and SAAM (Small Area Additive Manufacturing) in a separate booth (B-70). BAAM capabilities will also be showcased with the 3D printed Shelby Cobra near the registration area.

Incorporated is a technology leader in manufacturing fiber and CO2 lasers, automation, press brakes, shears, powdered metal compacting presses, and additive manufacturing.

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